3.0 Distinguish the general sample and the sample from the first lot(SFL),

3.0.1 The general sample is for initial estimating the major spec and the quality level, while the SFL is for verifying, lab test, is the criteria for comparing and referring for quality inspection etc..

   3.0.2 The general sample could be other customer’s customized product, should be changed or re-layout the PCB, or be approved by the customer, etc., for applying to another customer. Such a sample can not be copied simply or unauthorized.

   3.0.3 The major spec are the same or almost the same, but most probably a few discrepancy, and/or the configuration of minor spec exists.

   3.0.4 IC/LCD in the general sample (which might have been out of time, long time) might become unavailable in the market or out of time, must be confirmed or find the equivalent. Such a change may incur tooling charge and/or extra lead time.

   3.0.5 Only the SFL is the identical with the goods from the mass production.

   3.0.6 For those international and provincial orders, or the order’s quantity is +1,000pcs, the SFL must be delivered to customer for verifying, the SFL Approval must be approved and signed by the customer, or the mass production can not be started up.

   3.0.7 For some requirement of exterior or color, font, if the customer strictly demands, then the customer should issue the signed sample, as the criteria of comparing and verifying for quality judgement.

           HOOH LCD Numbering Method

                                                         Version: 20111031


2 L means Monochrome LCD

   H L 24P 4 H B M 73/45/40

1   2    3 4  5 6           9      10  11  12 


Characters model: Number of characters per line

Graphic model: 128, Number of dots in each line

Alphanumeric: 6p, means 6 metal pins; R=rubber zebra connection, P=FPC connection; H=heat sealing connector.


Characters model: Number of character lines

Graphic model: 64, Number of row dots

Alphanumeric: the duty, 1/4 marks as 4; the static marks as 1; 1/64 marks as 64;


    H L 24P 4 H B M 73/45/40

1   2    3 4  5 6     7     8    9     10  11  12


   B-black mask, black background; T-TN; H-HTN;

For STN: X –Upper XII 12 o’ clock6 –Down 6 o’ clock

3 –Right 3 o’ clock9 – Left 9       o’ clock

8 VERSIONLetter or number, include spec such as:

     Circuit version, viewing area etc..    


Positive: T-TN; F-FSTN; H-HTN;

GSTN GreyY STN Yellow green

Negative: t-TN; b–STN Blue; f-FSTN;

C-Color STN; n – Negative / Tranflective

m – Negative / Transmissive;  O-OLED;

H L 24P 4 H B M 73/45/40

1 2     3 4  5 6       8        10  11    12

10 Length, outline dimension in integral, mm

11 width, outline dimension of wider LCD, mm

12 width, outline of smaller LCD, mm

Outline dimensions won’t be marked on the LCD.

For standard product spec please check in



       Our LCD panels include TN and HTN alphanumeric (segment),  STN and FSTN dot matrix character and graphic, positive and negative, reflective, transmissive and transflective, with or without metal pins, FPC, heat sealing or FFC.


      Our engineers in LCD are stand-by for serving you and satisfying you. Tell us your requirement or fill in the Check-list for Custom Design LCDs the specification you want.