Auto blind spots monitoring system (BSM)

      The system evolves from the radar parking assist system. The new system added monitor panel (The LCD panel can be shared with that of VCD/DVD), may add color video camera installing on the auto back, may add distance sensor installing on the auto both the front and the back. Both of the distances between the barrier object in front of and in back of the vehicle and the vehicle can be displayed on the monitor. Customer can choose the option devices as their pleasure.

       After you installing the BSM system, you can easily park in a parking lot, you can easily drive towards back in the parking lot even it’s dark, it’s full of pedestrians, or in a crowded street. You’ll  get a peace of mind when you are driving. All the objects and pedestrians at 360 degree around your vehicle are viewed and displayed clearly, the distances are displayed precisely in digital, include those of from the blind spots in front of and in back of your vehicle.


The BSM system has two different types: Video and LED. The BSM video system has video camera, with real scene display and object distance display. The LED display system has no video camera, without real scene display but with object distance display.

The quantity of the distance sensor is option from 3 to 5.

 Our quality products apply to all weather, are precise display, quick response, reasonable price. The warning sound options are BiBiBi, DangDang or even in English voice. The parts include the cables connecting the main controller and the monitor. We may provide the vehicle calendar plus the temperature display for both inside and/or outside the vehicle upon request.

Auto Blind-Spot Monitoring     Video Display    LED/LCD Display      Bluetooth

Auto Blind-Spot Monitoring     Video Display    LED/LCD Display      Bluetooth


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