To provide a one-stop service and better satisfy our customers, to form a complete set for our LCD module products, to better control the quality, the cost and the delivery schedule for the complete set products, also we design and manufacture the LED backlight products.

    We can provide both the general backlights which comply with the normal criteria and the special backlight which have designed specification from the customers. Many of our customers require a much better result in even and uniformity in the backlight. And, some of our customers require an advance installation way in the backlight, such as with fasteners /hook or ears with installing holes, etc. in the LGP (light guide plate). That requires a plastic injection molding (PIM) LGP in the backlight. We do the backlight with PIM LGP. 

     Our competitive advantages of the backlights including coherence (lighting even and uniformity), reliability, stability.

     The quantity, the color and the mounting way of the led might be different. Most of the led’s color are white or blue. Most of the mounting ways of the led are SMT, bonding or insert. The different mounting way results in the different cost of the production and the different performance of the led. We discuss with our customers and then choose the right way.      

      The business processing procedure is

 Customer requests spec-drawing or sample > We quote > Confirm the price level > Sample making > Sample verifying > (Re-request and re-do/improve sample, re-check sample) > Sample confirming > Sign contract/ order > Pay deposits > Producing > Make payment > Shipping


        Our mission is quality product, quality service, achieving win-win with our customers. We guarantee to control the excellent quality from the incoming materials to all production processes, tightly require, tightly control. Complete the order on time and deliver it on time.

Backlight Numbering Method

Version: 20111031

1 H means HOOH LTD.   2 B means Backlight.

3 M-means the LGP (light guide plate) is from plastic injection molding.

4 No alphanumeric-default edge-lit led with edge mounted PCB; A-means array, bottom-mounted led;  B-Edge lit led with bottom mounted PCB;

5 Quantity of LED

              H B M B 1 B B134-45-2.2

                1    2    3    4   5   6   7     8     9    10

6 Color of LED. B-Blue; W-white; Y-yellow/green; A-amber; G-green; R-red.

7 Mounting way of LED: B-COB bondingS-SMTI-insert;

8 Length, mm;  9 Widthmm;  10 Thickness, mm.

LED display

LED SMD display

LED Clock display

LED dots matrix display

3 digits LED dispaly

7 digits LED display

8 digits LED display


Quality Product, Quality Service

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