Contract Manufacturing

      We provide the service of contract manufacturing for our customers, i.e. the OEM or EMS, electronics manufacturing service, and the ODM, including the turnkey project and the solution. We aim for those electronic products which have high quality requirement, precise, high reliability and high added value. The main processes of the advanced EMS service we provided include stuffing precise electronics components on the printed circuit boards (PCB’A), and assembly with plastic parts for consisting an electronic product.    

       The products  we built and shipped including parts, sub-assembly, WIP (work in progress), semi-final and final products, including the turnkey project or solution.

      The range of we built products include personal electronic end, LCD device, small house-held appliance, industrial and /or commercial instrument and equipment, high-end mobile phone and telephone, etc..

      Our mission is Quality product, Quality service. Achieve win-win with our customers. We guarantee to tightly specify and tightly control the quality starting from incoming material to all the production processes, to complete the orders on time and ship out on time.


Quality Product, Quality Service

Manufacturing Capabilities include:

    SMT– SMD mounting

    COB– Chip on Board bonding

      Electronic Assembly –Chip on Board Bonding, PCB Assembly

      Parts Assembly-Electronic components and plastic molding parts and small metalworking parts, LED Back Light and LCD Module assembly